Our Story


Wine Press #1 was born out of a love for wine that goes beyond taste.

Lisa founded this business because she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and excitement for wine with others. In the process, she’s also supporting local wineries and introducing them to many more people.

Being able to contribute to the small wine industry that she loves so much has been an absolute dream come true.

Lisa’s passion is reflected in the name of her business, Wine Press #1, which references the first press of grapes. That first press allows the first juices to flow, which always make the best quality wine from the harvest.



By creating an educational and fun gathering with friends or colleagues, Lisa hopes to heighten her clients’ appreciation for wine.

At the end of a tasting session, everyone should leave feeling more curious about wine than ever before (and maybe a little tipsy).

Having been an educator for the past 30 years, Lisa knows how to present content in an articulate and engaging way. Her delivery is reminiscent of who she is as a person – vibrant, fun, entertaining, and humorous. She knows how to keep things light while also effectively communicating information.

Guests may not even realise how much they’ve learned about wine until they go shopping for their next bottle.


Lisa’s work as an educator isn’t her only qualification. She also has achieved her Certificate 3 in Wine and Spirit (WSET) in 2019 and brings relevant life experience to her tastings.

Having travelled the world for 5 years, Lisa has had the privilege of tasting incredible wines and speaking directly with winemakers worldwide. This is what empowers her to create an international wine tasting experience from the comfort of her clients’ living rooms.

Lisa also uses her wine tastings to shine a spotlight on the best boutique wineries Australia has to offer. This allows guests to taste wines from locations that they normally wouldn’t or are unable to travel to.

It’s truly a unique experience that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.



Contact Lisa at Wine Press #1 to discuss your wine tasting event requirements, or to arrange a consultation for stocking your wine cellar, or planning your special wedding day.